Linux for Translators


This website was originally created almost two decades ago, after I began using Linux for translation purposes and began documenting the experience. In the first decade of its life it grew progressively into a comprehensive resource.

Since then, it has stagnated somewhat owing to other priorities and a lack of time. I am now pleased to be able to point users to TranslateOnLinux, where Jean Dimitriadis has put in a huge amount of work documenting the wealth of software suitable for use by professional translators working on the Linux operating system.

I plan to keep this site open, as it has become a known point of reference for translators interested in using Linux. I will also use it to make more general comments on my own experience of using Linux for translation purposes. I am however happy to leave the job of documenting the actual software applications to Jean Dimitriadis. Links to the relevant parts of his catalogue of applications can be found on these pages.

The Linux for Translators online forum still exists, and is now hosted by